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Can People Get Better at Casino Games? How Random are the Outcomes?

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Casino games all vary in terms of how much they rely on luck and how much they rely on skill. Games of skill mean that there is something people may actually be able to get better at. For example, when it comes to slot games, there is no way that anyone can really improve their skill. The most input someone can have on the outcome of the games relates to risk tolerance and strategy, but nobody can actually improve the chances on each spin. The game is random to ensure everyone has the same chance.

When someone chooses to play at gaming platforms, for example, they might notices the variety of games at a live casino where people can use a level of skill to increase their chances. While there is always a random element, such as which card comes out next in poker or blackjack, there are ways that players can strategize and learn about the game.

Games People Can Get Better At

A lot of the time when we start playing a game, we want to become as good as we possibly can. The same applies when we’re playing sports, for instance. There is satisfaction in increasing skill level. Which are the casino games people may actually be able to get better at?


Poker is the number one game that has a lot of strategy involved. The basics of poker are something anyone should definitely learn before they get started. Everybody should understand at least some of the basics, or they are much more likely to lose. If they don’t understand how strong the hand is, they can’t expect to win. 

On top of this, there are a lot of different strategies for poker, and the skill is not just in understanding the cards and the odds of someone else having a better hand, reading people is an incredibly important skill. Understanding body language and communication can help with a lot of other aspects of life, from being successful in business to relationships.


Blackjack is a simpler game than poker but in a similar way, an understanding of the rules and strategies can make people better at the game (source). Plenty of people go into the world of blackjack without a strategy, and if a player knows the basics they may have a chance of making a profit, but better players manage to improve their skills, strategy, and betting techniques.

Once again, the random nature of blackjack will always play a part. It is important to know that there are no guarantees in these games. However, understanding the game can certainly increase a player’s chances somewhat.

How to Improve at Casino Games

There are a lot of different methods people can actually use to improve their knowledge, which means there is a solution for pretty much every learning style.

Some of the methods that people can use to increase their level of skill include:

  • Watching videos. This is especially useful when it comes to poker games. You can watch tournaments as well as sitting in on live games or even watching YouTube videos showing intense poker games, techniques, and skilled bluffing.
  • Reading books. Some of the most skilled poker players ever have written books documenting their experiences and techniques. Depending on how much detail you want to go into, you may even read about the mathematics of the game. The Mathematics of Poker (check out Google Books) by Bill Chen and Jerrod Ankenman is a famous example of a great book that explores odds and chance, and how a lot of what goes on in a game of poker can be boiled down into simple mathematics. Of course, that is without taking into account the human side, bluffing, and aggressive betting strategies.
  • Practice. Continuing to play the games can be a way to improve, assuming it is a game of skill, of course. People may choose to do this by playing with very low stakes or even playing free versions of games while they build up the skill.
  • Read blogs. There are many different blackjack and poker blogs out there, all providing a fascinating insight into the game. Some of these blogs are run by professionals or offer courses, PDFs, and other useful resources for the aspiring player.

Conclusion (and Responsible Gambling)

Always keep in mind the fact that there will always be some element of luck involved in these games. Even a very skilled poker or blackjack player can lose. Also, remember that you can’t get better at games that are totally random. Games of chance such as slot games always have completely random outcomes. 

The games that do involve skill represent a chance to get better. In poker, for instance, people are playing against others instead of the dealer. Improving is all about taking in knowledge and gaining some practice. If you do choose to play remember the importance of gambling responsibly at all times and only betting what you can afford to lose. 

Last Updated: August 3, 2023

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