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How to Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop? (5 Simple Steps!)

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Would you like to know how you can connect AirPods to Dell laptop? I’ve put together a guide to show you how to connect them, breaking it down step by step so there’s no confusion.

How To Connect AirPods to a Dell Laptop

  1. Put the AirPods into their own case
  2. On the back of the case, there’s a small button. Press and hold that until the light turns white.
  3. On your Dell laptop, go to the Bluetooth settings and choose “Add a Device”.
  4. You should see the AirPods on the screen in front of you.
  5. Choose the connect/pair option and they are then connected.
How to Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop
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FAQs On Connecting AirPods to Dell Laptop

Do AirPods Work with Dell Laptops?

These little earphones will work with Dell laptops, but they don’t connect as easily as they would if you were using an Apple device. The battery life might not last as long either compared to if you were using them with a MacBook or iPhone.

Can You Connect AirPods to a Dell Laptop?

AirPods can link with your Dell laptop, but they need to be charged and then the laptop will also need to be activated and have an Internet connection. If you have all that ready to go, you can just follow the directions I gave you above for how to connect them.

Remember that you have to use the Bluetooth setting on the laptop to get your AirPods linked. Once they are connected, you can use the AirPods as you would normally to make calls, listen to audio, and much more.

Will My AirPods Work as Smoothly as They Do on My MacBook or Other Apple Devices If I Connect Them to a Dell Laptop?

You won’t get the same flawless, smooth connection since the AirPods are an Apple product and designed for Apple devices. You’ll have a lot more stability if you’re pairing the AirPods with an Apple device compared to Dell laptop.

The level of integration you’re getting with the laptop and AirPods won’t be as deep if you’re comparing it to how the AirPods connect to a MacBook Air (details here), or an iPhone. However, they should still connect to one another.

Will My AirPods Lose Battery Faster If I Connect Them to My Dell Laptop?

Yes, the battery charge won’t last as long with this kind of connection, since the two devices are not specifically designed to work together. The battery life won’t be significantly decreased, but you’ll definitely notice that it doesn’t last as long as it would if the AirPods were connected to an Apple device.

Will Using My AirPods with a Dell Laptop Long-Term Decrease Their Lifespan?

Even though the battery life might not be as long with this kind of connection, there shouldn’t be any degradation over time, says Mashable. You might notice some audio quality drops if you move while using the AirPods, but you won’t cause long term damage to them by connecting them up to a Dell laptop.

Last Updated: September 28, 2022

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