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CriticalHit Gets a Sneak Preview of Top Gear Series 31…

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As Top Gear kicks off it’s 31st series on Thursday 25 November at 8PM on BBC Brit (DStv channel 120), CriticalHit were fortunate enough to be invited to a sneak preview of the latest series of Top Gear in London last month, and have a chat with presenters Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness & Freddie Flintoff.

This series promises to deliver the mix of motoring journalism and high octane entertainment we have become used to, but with a slightly different feel to it. As many restrictions remained in place this year due to Covid-19, this series was much like the previous series with filming being more difficult and global travel near impossible. But as they say in show business, the show must go on…

So what can we expect from the current three? Well, they are no longer the newbies still trying to make it their own and shrug off the legacy of those gone before them. It has become the Chris, Paddy & Freddie show. It’s obvious the on screen interactions are genuine and little of the dialogue is scripted. This series has the usual challenges set out for them; Supercar special, alternative holidaying and cheap car segment. But it doesn’t feel like a run of the mill series with the same old challenges and just different presenters. It feels like three genuine mates having a laugh and entertaining us – which is what the show has always been about. 

This series does have a different tone to the previous ones. There are more passion pieces and less race across a country challenges we have come to know the show for. Paddy & Freddie in particular have really brought some of their automotive passions to the show.

Paddy paying tribute to one of his, and the nation’s, heroes Eddie Kidd. While Freddie sets out to achieve his goal of getting his racing licence. (That’s motor racing, not horse racing, as he’s a little big for that). These are pieces that the presenters put forward to make, letting their passion and emotion shine through on screen.

It’s refreshing to see more of these pieces, as it doesn’t feel like a board of producers and execs have decided what to film.

Top Gear Series 31 Episode 5

The presenters are more invested and attached to it, which really comes through on the finished piece. Chris still brings his usual petrol head genius to the program, with all the proper car journalism bits and of course those tyre smoking power slides he is famous for. 

From what we’ve seen, this series hits all the emotions for the presenters as well as the viewers at home. Having seen a teaser trailer and the social media hype around this series, it’s evident this will be one of their best yet.

Last Updated: November 18, 2021

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